Wholesale Greeting Cards

Wholesale Greeting Cards are the next revolution in gift card giving, fund raising novelty items, promotional and/or advertisement concept of this century!

The Nature’s Greeting Card will be cherished by all who receive it!

The ability to customize the Message Logo Bean and Greeting Card to fit any occasion, logo, cause, product advertisement, or service promotion will surely be a sensation among your peers, associates and customers.

The seed in our Nature’s Greeting Card is a rare breed of bean. Each card will have a secret message engraved on the bean. The message is intended for the recipient.


We offer many Greeting Cards Varieties: “Get Well Soon?greeting cards, “Best Wishes?greeting cards, “Welcome Home?greeting cards, “Congratulations?greeting cards, “Good Luck?greeting cards, “I Miss You?greeting cards, “Welcome?greeting cards, “Best Friends?greeting cards, “Best Family?greeting cards, “Thank You?greeting cards, “Hugs N Kisses?greeting cards, “I Love You?greeting cards, “Friends Forever?greeting cards, “Care?greeting cards, “Respect?greeting cards, “Happiness?greeting cards, “Happy Holidays?greeting cards, “Merry Christmas?greeting cards, “Happy New Year?greeting cards, “Happy Valentine’s Day?greeting cards, “Be Mine?greeting cards, “Be My Valentine?greeting cards, “Happy Easter “greeting cards, “Happy Halloween?greeting cards, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day?greeting cards, “Cinco de Mayo?greeting cards, “Happy Mother’s Day?greeting cards, and “Happy Father’s Day?greeting cards.
We also offer customized greeting cards, magic beans, message plants, and lucky number plants per your request.


Customized engraving will appear on the Nature’s Greeting bean for your promotional or fundraising campaigns.
If you’re a merchant, why should you choose Nature’s Greeting card as your next amazing product? The Patented Nature’s Greeting card is an all-natural eco-friendly alternative to the traditional greeting card. A lot of consumers are looking for more eco-friendly green merchandise to lower their impact on the planet. By offering the Nature’s Greeting cards you can increase your eco-sensitive consumer base.

If you’re a promotional or advertisement campaign manager, why should you choose Nature’s Greeting Cards as your next promotional niche? The Nature’s Greeting card is by far the most unique novelty item available for customization for promotional items! The growing awareness of organic and eco-friendly products makes the Nature’s Greeting Cards the best choice for eco-friendly advertising. This will impress upon your consumer base your willingness and sensitivity to the cause! Win over your eco-sensitive consumers with the Nature’s Greeting card.


The Patent Magic Plant company is the only company with patent rights for distribution, wholesale, and manufacturing of Nature’s Greeting Bean and Nature’s Greeting card, individually, or pre planted in a container. This amazing message plant will certainly cause a sensation among all who encounter it. The unique quality of this gift plant product can only be offered by The Patent Magic Plant. Beware of Imitations!
Send your message with your own unique style to make a huge impact and impression on your family, friend, or consumer!

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We offer bulk pricing discounts for distributors and wholesalers.