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Ultimately, we offer different varieties of plants for kids.  In fact, we have many plants for kids to choose, including grass dolls,  baby eggs, moving plants, plants containing engraved creatures and much more.

Magic Plants for Kids is a fun way for children to experience the joy of growing plants. In addition, they learn science skills. Let the little one experience the responsibility of growing a plant as well as the excitement of learning about creatures. In fact, it’s a fun, hands-on science project.

What are Magic Plant Treasures?

Designed and Guaranteed to surprise, excite, and amaze your child!
Each World offers six creatures engraved directly on the bean. First, encourage the child to guess which one of the six creatures will appear on the bean.
Magic Plant Treasures is a rare breed of bean. In each can, one bean is pre-planted in a special mineral soil. According to the instructions, of course, water the plant and watch the bean grow to a height of 10-20 inches or 25-30 cm. The surprise creature will be found engraved on the beautiful plant’s central bean.

Guess the Creature then Learn Its Name

The Magic Plant Treasures bean is all natural and may be kept as a keepsake or actually grown.
First, encourage your child to guess which creature is featured. Simply look at the pictures on the backs of the colorful sleeves. Then, plant the bean and wait to see if they were right. Once the plant sprouts, its central bean reveals a drawing on one side and the creature’s name on the other.
In any case, simply open, water and grow to see the creature!

Dinosaur World

Kids Plant Growing Kits

Specialty plants for kids featuring dinosaur designs.
First, the child guesses which of the six dinosaurs will appear on the bean. Then, the seed is planted. Afterward, the bean sprouts revealing the secret design. Finally, the kid learns the creature’s name from the other engraved side of the bean.

Dinosaurs icons

  • Exciting, Fun AND Educational !!!

Order 1 unitDinosaur WORLD growing kit

Dinosaur Plant Growing Kit

Ocean World

Plants for Kids to Grow

Ocean themed specialty plants for kids.
First, children enjoy guessing what creature they expect will appear on the plant. In fact, kids choose between six different creatures. Then, after the bean plant sprouts, kids see an engraved ocean creature drawing on the bean. After the bean reveals the secret, the kid looks at the other side of the bean, to learn the creature’s name making it a  fun learning experience.

Ocean Animal Life

  • Exciting, Fun AND Educational !!!

Order 1 unitOcean WORLD growing kit

Ocean World Plant Growing Kits for Kids

Zoo World

Plant Kits for Kids

Plants for kids with Zoo Animals.
The package containing the bean seeds, contains images of six zoo creatures. First, children guess which of the creatures will appear on the sprouted plant. Then, they plant the seed and wait for it to sprout. After it sprouts, the secret zoo creature appears. Finally, the children match the image with the creature’s name from the other side of the bean.

Wild Animals Plant Kits

  • Exciting, Fun AND Educational !!!

Order 1 unitZoo WORLD growing kit

Zoo World Plants for Kids

Insect World

Plant Kits

Specialy designed plants for kids from the world of insects.
Children can learn about insects while growing their own plants. First, let the child guess which image will appear on the sprouted bean. The images of all possible choices is on the sleeve of the plant. Second, plant the seed, nurture it and watch it grow. Thirdly, check the name of the insect on the other side of the bean plant.

Insect Icons

  • Exciting, Fun AND Educational !!!

Order 1 unitInsect WORLD growing kit

Insects Plant Growing Kits for Kids

TouchyMutchy Plant

This astonishing plant immediately reacts to touch by folding its leaves as if being tickled!

  • This adorable plant is one of the favorite plants among kids
Plant Kits for Children

Order 1 unitTouchyMutchy plant

Growing Directions:

First, read the instructions for opening the can and planting the seeds. Then nuture the plant, watering it according to the included instructions. Remember to set the plant in a place it will recieve adequate amounts of sunlight. Afterwards, it will grow into a plant to be enjoyed by kids of all sizes!

  • Ideal temperatures for growing are 59-95 F (15-35 C).
  • Growth appears in about 7-15 days.

Press and watch what happen when touched
Video of Plant Kits (6)

Grow Your Own Magic Plant Kit

“Dance With Me” Plant

Strangely enough, play music near this UNBELIEVABLE plant and watch its leaves dance!!!

  • Kids adore this hyperactive plant!
Plant Kits

Order 1 unit“Dance With Me” plant

Growing Directions:

No doubt kids of all ages enjoy growing the “dance with me” plant. Of course, the sleeve contains the instructions for planting, watering and ultimately growing the dancing plant. After growing for awhile, the plant appears. Then place it near music, and finally, step back and watch it dance to the beat! Moreover, the dancing plant provides hours of entertainment for adults and chilren alike. In addition, children learn about science through the hands-on demonstration of growing a plant.

  • Ideal temperatures for growing are 59-95 F (15-35 C).
  • Growth appears in about 7-15 days.

Press and watch how the tree dance

Tree Dance (video 2)

Grow Your Own Tree

Baby Magic Egg

These adorable eggs are housed on a bed of straw just like an egg sits in a nest. Additionally, each egg features a painted face and movable arms. First, add water. Secondly, watch the grass grow and grow….ulitmately, it gets long, then just style it like hair.
As a result, kids experience the responsibility and joy of growing green fresh grass.
Meanwhile, enjoy this fun science project for the whole family!

1) First, remove the  lid, then find the Baby Egg secured to the base.
2) Slowly pour water into the  base until 80% full.
3) After the egg absorbs the water, then water it again.
4) As a result, the seed germinates in 3-5 days.
5) Ultimately, seedlings grow long, therefore, use creativity to shape and trim.
* Please recycle other packages separately.

Order 1 unitBaby Magic Egg

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