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Have you ever heard of Pearl Decor Water Beads? Wonder what the buzz is all about? Let us introduce you to one of the most fascinating decorating accents you’ve ever heard of. Pearl decor water beads are an amazing water absorbent polymer that absorbs, stores, and then releases water and nutrients needed for growing plants.  Magic Pearl Decor water beads are a clear, bright crystal color. It makes any beautiful presentation take on an elegant and classy look and feel.

How do the beads work?

Just soak the Magic Beads in water, then watch the pearls increaes in bulk and size by about 100 percent!

Growing Water Beads

Attributes of Magic Pearl Decor Water Beads

The ways to use Magic pearl decor water beads are literally innumerable. The versatile beads perk up any decor as well as add splashes of color where needed most. Some of the benefits and attributes of pearl decor water beads includes:

  • Adding a special touch of amazing touch of home to virtually any decor
  • Help to improve soil structure and ultimately, improve plant growth
  • The beads store water and additionally provides a constant supply of water and nutrients to the roots of plants
  • Beads are also colorfast. This means their  color won’t bleed or fade

Unique Uses for the Magic Pearl Decor Water Beads

  • Use them to enhance any of your flower arrangements whether at home, or for a special occasion
  • They make great decorations and add color and texture to displays like Candles, Lucky Bamboo, and Orchids
  • Also, use them as part of the decor for any special event such as for bridal showers, for wedding decor, kids or adult birthday parties, wedding or work anniversaries, and many other special occasions

* Please recycle other packages separately.

Order 1 unitMagic Pearl D’ecor avialable in both retail and wholesale quantities.

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Plants Growing in Pearl Decor Water Beads