Plant a Tree the Magic Plant Way

The arborist, green planet activists, and communities across our great nation and our beautiful plants are making a difference by celebrating the need for plants. Being friends of plants is not a selfish act or glorification of any individual. Celebration of planting plants is a gift that is for the good of all and generations to come.

Instilling in our children the importance of replenishing trees and plant life is easier and convenient with Magic Plant Trees and fun plant products. It is time to connect children with nature instead of the latest computer game.

Tree planting efforts are in effect in many countries such as, Arbor Day in the U.S., Greening Week in Japan, The New Year’s Days of Trees in Israel, The Tree Loving Week in Korea, and The National Festival of Tree Planting in India, just to name a few.

Every day is an opportunity we all can make a difference and replenish our planet with life giving trees.

What better way than the Magic Plant way!

Each Magic Trees kit contains seeds, which are pre-planted in a special mineral soil. Simply water and follow directions for real trees any time of the year.

Magic Trees available are:

  • Pine Tree
  • Maple Tree
  • Christmas Fir Tree
  • Music Tree- The leaves actually move if you play music near it.
  • Mimosa Tree – Touch the plant and watch the leaves folding up in front of your very eyes.

Magic Plant has revolutionized the way of growing a plant and amazingly right in a recyclable can with special mineral soil, pre-planted quality seeds and drainage system. Just add water.

They are great gifts for almost any occasion. Some special occasions would be for the birth of a child or birthday, wedding or anniversary gift, memorial offering for a loved one, house-warming gift. Whatever you feel appropriate to celebrate with a gift is the perfect time to make a difference by giving magic plant all included growing kit.

Magic Plant Growing Kit makes it convenient to give a tree, herb, flower, chili pepper, message beans, message plants, magic beans, Magic Herbs, Magic Trees, Magic Flowers, Magic Peppers, and other plant products offered on the website; individually or in bulk.

Magic Plant Company can only offer the unique quality of this gift plant product.

Beware of Imitations!