Contract Grow & Supply Agreement

Our Contract Grow & Supply Agreement provides the best choice for food manufacturers, hot sauce producers, co packers, spice distributors or any company that needs a large quantity of chili pepper raw materials or food ingredients.

Magic Plant Farms are offering the ideal growing program for any food Industrial company. Our growing program will save you cost, time and energy so you can concentrate on production and marketing of your next products.

A complete solution to meet your needs.

We can manage a growing and processing project. from seeds to final ingredient and right to your door.
  • We grow authentic, stabilized capsicum landraces to provide our customers with the best quality
  • We have diversified our production by growing worldwide, this allows us to minimize crop losses of
    your project.
  • We isolate our seed crops for the next growing season
  • We have large lands available to grow any size of crop.
  • We harvest, clean and process your chili peppers utilizing advanced technology.
  • We provide you with a complete hassle free solution to save you time.
  • We take care of logistics for you, including customs clearances.
  • You only pay for the net quantity delivered to your door.
  • We secure your costs, even when the market fluctuates. a fixed price for each item all year round. Delivered or fob origin.
  • We are a US company that has offices and partners in Taiwan, the Mid East, South America, Eastern Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa.

You choose the processing

Processing Pepper Mash: You choose the processing parameters-vinegar %, salt %, etc or let us choose for you.

Processing Pepper Mash: Smoke dried, Oven dried chili, Freeze dried and more…
Note: Read our complete scientific article on “Drying Chili Peppers”.

You choose the packaging

We can pack your order in the “ready to sell” retail package (spice jars, bags,
grinders, pouches, bottles, etc.) of your choice or we can custom package bulk
products to your exacting specifications. Private label is available.

Pepper Mash products come packaged in a variety of sizes: 1gallon jug, 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote or 6,000 gallon hog.

What do you want to grow

Please let us know the Pepper quantity, type, treatment needed, and anticipated delivery schedule.



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