Patent Certificate & Exclusivity

NSL Magic Plant has exclusive rights for the Magic Plant products line .

The advantage of our exclusivity:

1) Our products are protected by license patents that are confirmed by the USA patent and trade mark department.

2) NSL Magic Plant is the only one company can retained the rights to a third party (supported by the assignment document) .

3) We are in a process to register the patent and trademarks with the CBP in order to prevent import of imitation in the future.

4) We determine the prices for all the membership levels which keeps the products profitable for everyone and maintains product value & high quality.

5) Our law group will do everything to prevent patent infringements and imitation products in the market.

6) Notice on the product that the NSL stamp of approval appears on each product.


We have licenses for different kinds of patents as below:

1. Engraving words or graph on the bean
2. Flower Cultivation Sealed Can
3. Magic Egg
Country Patent No.
Taiwan Pat¡G151280 M262976 M262977
US invention Pat¡G7,024,817
Great Britain invention Pat¡GGB2414913
German Pat¡GNr.20 2004 020 110.0
Japan Pat¡G3107933 , 3107934
China Pat¡GZL 2005 20112240 . 7 , ZL 2004 2 0088 915.4
Korea Pat¡G0370414 , 0370420