Quality Assurance

We have continually expand our business relationship with repeat clients, who bring more new clients due to our exceptional product and service quality.

We believe that our success in the world wide market depends on the highest quality of products and superior customer service.

We believe that ” Customer is always right ” and your success is our future.

Quality Checklist For Nature’s Greeting Plants and Magic Plant Growing Kits:

magic plantAll our growing kits, seeds products have 90-99% germination rate.

unique cardWe use the strongest and highest quality bean, which has the highest germination rate, for the Nature’s Greeting product.

I love you greeting cardOur beans and seeds are rigorously inspected and classified. Only about 40% of the beans or seeds will still be able to germinate. Before we start engraving, we remove 45%-60% of non-active beans or seeds to ensure the highest quality and most reliable product.

i love you cardWe insert 4-7 seeds in each can to insure germination of the product.

love cardOur company uses safe and bacteria-free chemical substitute growing medium.

special greeting cardWe store and maintain all raw materials and products in a climate controlled environment to increase the products shelf life.

greeting cardWe vacuum seal each can which also extends the shelf life of the product and helps prevent oxidation of the beans and seeds.

unique giftWe select the most reliable plant species for our Magic Plant Products.

best presentInside each product container, fertilizer has been added according to the precise nutritional needs of each individual plant during its growing period.

With all products, following the directions is a must to insure the plant flourishes.

We, the Developer of the Exclusive Magic Plant Product Line, are Committed to Quality! We are Advising you of Imitation Magic Bean / Message Bean Products in Order to Save and Protect the Reputation of these Amazing Patented Products. The Manufacturer Reserves the Right to Determine the Proper Environment and Species of Bean that will Yield the Highest Quality Product. Based on our experience with testing the imitation ” Magic Bean / Message Bean” products are that some have no Beans inside the containers, use poor or cheap materials, grow in unappealing directions, are weak, are not vibrant with healthy green color, and the skin of the bean plant doesn’t reveal the message on the bean or is unclear and the Bean is not the same size or doesn’t appear to have the vitality that our beans possess.

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