Sriracha Powder- By Magic Plant Farms

Just like the famous sauce flavor, Sriracha is now offered as a powder. Magic Plant Sriracha Powder is made of freshly harvested Red Chilies, complimented with bold Garlic, combined with dashes of Vinegar, Salt, and Sugar to perfectly balance our Sriracha Powder blend.
Our spicy Sriracha Powder seasoning brings the traditional Sriracha flavor to any of your foods. Your favorite Sriracha flavor is now packaged in a two ounce Magic Plant shaker jar.

What is Sriracha
Si Racha is a city in eastern Thailand, where Sriracha was created for dishes served at local seafood restaurants. Sriracha – it’s the amazing flavor you get from red hot chilies, garlic, white vinegar, salt, and sugar. Sriracha flavors serve in Korean cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and Pan Asian cuisine. The taste is built on spicy peppers with distinct notes of vinegar and garlic.

Culinary Uses
Do you like Sriracha sauce? Who doesn’t? Magic Plant Sriracha Powder can be used similarly to Sriracha liquid hot sauce, but with few extra privileges: Add the Sriracha Powder to your Popcorn, French Fries, Potato Chips, Pasta, Pizza , Salsa, Rice, baked Potato, Chicken, steamed Vegetables, Chili beans, and your burger mix.
Mix Sriracha Powder with mayo to create Sriracha mayo dip.
Mix Sriracha Powder, red wine vinegar, ketchup, and honey to create Sriracha BBQ sauce.
Mix the Sriracha Powder with oil and chopped dried thyme to create an amazing Wing sauce.

Sriracha Flavor is Also Known As
Sriracha Pepper, Sriracha Powder, Sriracha Seasoning, Sriracha Spice Blend, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, Sriracha Seasoning, Thai Sriracha, Sriracha Powder. The Thai spice, sriraja,

Quality Assurance for this item
SQF Certification Level 2

2oz spice jar ready for retail and 50 lbs bulk packing.

6 months (under proper storage conditions)

Store in a cool, dry place not to exceed 75℉ and 57% RH. Avoid direct sunlight exposure.

As of today many restaurants around the globe serve their food with Sriracha sauce-either as a side condiment on the plate, or in a bottle sitting on the table. Magic Plant offers 2oz Sriracha Powder in a ready for retail spice jar with sifter lid.

Please contact us for Sriracha Powder bulk pricing.

Original Sriracha Powder – Mild Heat

The most popular Asian hot sauce is now in powder. Magic Plant Sriracha seasoning is made with high quality ingredients. Taste original Sriracha flavor. Sriracha is a universal seasoning to spice up your mind. Purchase Sriracha Powder

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Jamaican Sriracha Powder – Hot

Rock our Jamaican Sriracha seasoning to any of your foodies. We added Jamaican Scotch Bonnet chilies to our original Sriracha. The mix of Asian and Jamaican cuisine created our flavorful Jamaican Sriracha Powder.

Buy Jamaican Sriracha  retail and wholesale.


Ghost Pepper Sriracha Powder – Super Hot

The original Classic Sriracha flavor blended with Smoked Bhut Jolokia Powder adds a unique smoky taste with a punch of heat from the hottest pepper in the world. Magic Plant Farms developed this unique smoky flavor for all Sriracha fans that are looking for smoky heat. Like to try the hot smoke version? You won’t be sorry!!!

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Trinidad Scorpion Sriracha Powder – Extremely Hot

The original Classic Sriracha flavor blended with our pure Scorpion Pepper Powder adds an amazing Caribbean taste and kick from the heat of the hottest pepper in the world since 2011. Imagine the combination of tastes of the Caribbean Islands and Asian cusine. The Scorpion pepper intense heat, along with the sweet-citrus like undertones offer a truly unique, spicy sensation you won’t find anywhere else.

Buy Trinidad Scorpion Powder retail and wholesale.


Moruga Scorpion Sriracha Powder – Extremely Hot

The original Classic Sriracha flavor blended with our pure Moruga Scorpion Pepper Powder.

Buy Moruga Sriracha Powder retail and wholesale.


Carolina Reaper Sriracha Powder – Extremely Hot

The original Classic Sriracha flavor blended with Carolina Reaper Powder. Carolina Reaper powder added to our original Sriracha Powder creates a completely new taste dimension.

Buy Carolina Reaper Sriracha retail and wholesale.