Magical Meaning: “Never fade or change love.”” I have a “crush on you.”

Growing Directions:

  • Ideal temperatures for growing are 59-77 F. (15-25 C)
  • Give sufficient light during the budding period.
  • Growth appears in about 5-7 days.
  • When plant height is 6-8 cm.
  • Keep 1 healthy baby bud in the pot for cultivation.
  • The rest can be planted elsewhere.
  • When buds begin to form, it can be moved to indoors for enjoyment.
  • Take the center bud off twice when the plant grows to 10 cm high to stimulate growth.
  • Plant prefers a cooler environment.
  • Avoid high temperature and humidity.
  • It requires sufficient light.
  • Avoid long time humidity.