Basil has many varieties. It produces a fragrance similar to that of a clove. The classic use of this versatile herb is its culinary use with tomato based sauces, pesto, and vinegars. The medicinal uses are to eliminate phlegm, promote digestion and strengthen the stomach. In ancient times, pots of basil on the windowsill were used to deter flies. Other possible uses of basil are by placing fresh leaves in a hot bath as an infusion. As a tonic, steep a few leaves in wine for several hours. Or steep in water as a tea to aid digestion. A drop of basil oil on clothing will help counteract mental fatigue.

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Basil plant

Growing Directions:

  • Ideal temperatures for growing are 68-86 F (20-30°C).
  • Growth will appear in about 5-10 days with full light.
  • Flowers appear in 12-13 weeks.
  • You may plant buds in a planting pot or in ground.
  • When buds begin to form, it can be moved indoors for appreciation.